It's Cami Cam Time!

Who me?

Just because I said it was time for Cami Cam, certain folks think I’m trying to be bossy and get all the attention.

Would I do that?

Cami looking up


I have a great place to play in my backyard, but I can’t seem to get Tali to understand how much fun it is for her to play with me.


Tali and Cami in yard


It’s important to supervise the goings-on in the store.

Again, I’m having trouble training Tali to do her job.

Pulling leash


I enjoy quiet time with my favorite toy, but it’s also nice to have playtime with my big sister.

With my guidance, she is getting a little better at playing tugga.

Llama toy

Tugga crate



It was a bit of concern for me when I realized that Tali’s bed seemed to be higher than mine. 

(You know Tali— she always thinks she’s in charge!)

After a little talk with mom, we got everything worked out nicely.

On beds

On beds sleeping


My sister accuses me of being bossy and acting like I’m in charge.

Take a look at my sweet, innocent little face.

I don’t see how she could imagine that— do you?

Sleeping with moose


Binding off~

Everyone knows Tali is our official mascot and supervisor, but a certain little someone seems to occasionally disagree. That’s okay. We love them both, so we’ll just continue letting the little princess think she’s in charge. We can keep a secret!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Local Yarn Store Day 2024

Last Saturday, April 27th, was LYS Day, and it couldn’t have been a more wonderful day!

There’s nothing better than lots of yarny talk with friends.

LYS 24 Gayla and male customer 1


When TWN fills up with customer/friends— whether they’re old or new—  you know it’s going to be a great day.

LYS 24 customer 7

LYS 24 customer 2 in top

LYS 24 customer 2

LYS 24 customer 6

LYS 24 customer 10

LYS 24 customer 12

LYS 24 customer fabric


We even had folks visiting from Bowling Green!

LYS 24 Bowling Green 3

LYS 24 customer group 1


You know a party is going on when you see yarn walks happening in the store.

LYS 24 Yarn walk 7

LYS 24 yarn walk 2

LYS 24 yarn walk 13

LYS 24 yarn walk 3

LYS 24 yarn walk 14

LYS 24 yarn walk 9

LYS 24 yarn walk 5

LYS 24 yarn walk 11


If you've never visited us, you might not know we've got a a living room that's the perfect place for crafting and visiting.

LYS 24 Debbie  Angelia  my mom  customer

LYS 24 living room 5

LYS 24 living room 3


It's always fun to take some of the party home with you.

We’re glad the yarn we carry makes people smile!

LYS 24 customer 3

LYS 24 Deb G

LYS 24 Gayla and male customer register 1

Binding off~

What a great day! It’s makes us happy to hear ooohs and ahhhs coming from all over the store, because that helps us know we’re doing something right. Thanks so much to everyone for making LYS Day a success for us. We loved seeing you squish yarn, get excited about your projects, and enjoy the company of other craft-minded folks. Don’t wait until next year to come back!  Visit us again soon. We’ll be looking for you!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

'Tis the Gift to Be Simple

You are probably familiar with the Shaker song "Tis the Gift to Be Simple."

It can be loads of fun to work on a complicated, intricate project, but whether you’re an experienced crafter or a newby, it can also be nice to work on something simple.

At TWN, no matter the reason you choose it, we think simple is good.

Beverly socks Aug 21


A cowl is something nice to make for yourself or to give as a gift.

Some simple cowl patterns we like are Accent on the Upbeat by Stephanie Shiman, the Anguli cowl by Hilary Smith Callis, and Darn Knit Spiral It by Aimee Pelletier.

Beverly Blossom Accent on the Upbeat

Louisa Harding Luci Borealis Anguli Cowl

Urth Spiral Grain sport Darn Knit Spiral It 1


Cute hats always come in handy.

The Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits or the Flux by urth yarns are two nice basic patterns.

Barley Hat

Flux hat Sirdar Jewelspun 1


As crazy as it sounds, using a “vanilla” pattern can make socks a simple project.

There are loads of basic patterns— Craft House Magic and the Crazy Sock Lady are two designers among the many that are out there.

Uneek socks sample

Gayla socks Nov 21

Opal sturmischer wind 9971 sock sample


Who says a simple project must involve yarn?

A beginner embroidery project might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Jessica Long hedgehog

Jessica Long Summer Wedding


Shawls are a hit with many folks, and just like other projects we've mentioned, can be considered simple when you have the right patterns.

The crocheted Perris shawl by Grace Akhrem is a beauty.

For no-stress patterns, we also like the Katia Ombre Shawl (pattern included in kit) and the Color Evolution from Laines du Nord.

Perris shawl Louisa Harding Giardino

Katia Ombre kit and shawl

Poema Nuance shawl

Binding off~

It’s great fun to take on a challenge when you’re ready for one. However, there may be times when even the most experienced crafter wants a simple, easygoing project. Of course, simple projects make perfect next-step projects for beginners, too. No matter where you are in your crafting right now, we hope you’ve got a project going (or two or three!) that's making your heart sing. If you get the chance, stop by to show us. We’d love to see it!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Cami is here!

If you’re new here, let me introduce myself.

My name is Tali Jean Gibbs.

I'm a Lakeland Terrier, and I am the official mascot and supervisor of The Wooden Needle.

Tali baby yarn

Tali book pillows cubbies



I spend most of my days at TWN assisting where needed and supervising the store.

At least, that was the way I spent most of my days until recently.

Tali and tugga

Tali sock yarn

Tali smalls minis



My personal human and the owner of TWN, Boss Lady Gayla, did something recently I still don’t understand.

She brought home my little sister— to live with us!

Cami on deck


As anyone that has ever visited TWN knows, I am a quiet, well-mannered individual. 

You can usually find me in my elevated bed (throne?) keeping an eye on the comings and goings in the store.

Needless to say, all of that changed now that my little sister, Cami Jane Gibbs, has arrived.

Cami on Tali's bed


When I’m trying to rest, Cami wants to play.

Tali and Cami playing home



When I’m trying to do my job, Cami wants to play.

Tali waiting at door

Tali and Cami pulling on lead 2

Tali and Cami playing 2



When I’m trying to take a break, Cami wants to play.

Tali and Cami in yard



Obviously, Cami needs guidance.

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt for me to train an assistant supervisor.

If she can handle the job, it might be nice to have an extra set of paws around TWN.

Tali and Cami at door

Tali and Cami in gate bed



As much of a little pest as she is right now, Cami is sort of cute, so I guess we’ll keep her.

After all, I used to be a little bit of a mess myself.

Tali sitting in bed 2

Gayla  Tali  Cami

Binding off~

Our regular customer/friends know Tali well. It’s not going to take long for folks to get to know Cami, too. The next time you stop by, take a look behind the counter. If you see a little fur ball that reminds you of the Looney Tunes’ Tasmanian Devil (but with the sweetest face!), you’ll have found our assistant supervisor in training. 

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Spring is here!

Flowers are blooming, the temperatures are warmer (some days), and the calendar says spring is officially here.

When spring arrives, we think of crafting!

(To be honest, every season makes us think of crafting!)

Smiley wink yellow


There is still a chill in the air right now, and as it gets warmer outside, air conditioners will be running full blast inside.

A shawl comes in handy even during the spring and summer seasons.

Suggestions for a few of the light weight shawls we like are the Wispy Shawl by Joji Locatelli, Use the Force by Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich, and Pordum by Jo Shaw.

Wispy Shawl sample kit 11Nuble Morning Dew  Berroco Ivory

Use the Force Wicked Knitter Succulant  Socks Yeah! Jadite

KFI Indulgence Pordum by Jo Shaw


Some yarns just make you think of flowers and sunshine, such as Berroco Zinnia and Berroco Summer Sesame.

The Etta or Perrin top would brighten any wardrobe.

Berroco Summer Sesame Etta top

Berroco Zinnia Perrin top by Amy Christoffers


If you’re going on a trip, everyone knows the most important thing to pack is a project to work on while you’re relaxing. 

Use Wonderland Blossom Narcissus Poeticus (which comes with a cute bumblebee progress keeper) to create a cowl, or use a colorway from Opal’s Ocean collection to knit a pair of socks.

Blossoms Garden Club Narcissus Poeticus

Opal Ocean collection


Of course, we don’t want to forget about the little peeps in our lives during our spring fling.

For a bright and beautiful blanket, use Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky to knit the Easy Baby Car Seat blanket by Autumn Burns.

Treat your little entomologist with a dragonfly, butterfly, or bumblebee friend.

Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky Easy Car Seat Blanket with yarn

CB Capt High Flyer back

CB butterfly back

CB Miss Pollenator bee back


With it’s daisy stitch pattern, the icing on the spring cake might just be the Mingling Daisies shawl by Stephen West.

Gayla Mingling Daisies Shawl Nuble


Binding off~

Daisies are a symbol of new beginnings, and that seems to be what we think about when we think of spring. The dark days of winter are over, and we begin to see color again–  green grass, yellow daffodils, bright blue skies. Ready to begin a new project? Have a finished project to share? Looking for some crafting friends? No matter the reason, we hope you’ll stop by to see us. We’ll be looking for you!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

What Are You Doing?

We’re living in that in-between time of year right now.

Winter seems to be over, but it’s not spring yet.

It’s not quite warm enough for outdoor activities, but we’re past the “hunker down until winter’s over” period.

So, how are you spending your days?


Official TWN mascot Tali can be found in her usual spot. 

She might be playing with her “tugga” or supervising the goings-on in the store.

Tali and tugga


Bookish Beverly has been knitting hats to give away which would be a grand gesture if she could manage to keep from felting them. 

Beverly felted hats 2


One of our favorite designers at TWN is Casapinka, and Bookish Beverly is knitting Casapinka’s Breathe and Hope shawl as a shop sample (which we will make sure does NOT get felted!).

Beverly Breathe and Hope WIP


Sparkle Girl Debbie is our cross stitcher extraordinaire, and she’s been working on this beautiful project.

Debbie cross stitch WIP


Since papillon is French for butterfly, heading into spring is the perfect time of year for Sparkle Girl Debbie to be knitting the gorgeous Papillon shawl by MarinJaKnits. 

Debbie papillon WIP


Our Workshop Wednesday project for March and April is the Aurora Cabin Shawl by Stephen West.

Boss Lady Gayla has organized her yarn and gotten started.

Gayla Aurora Cabin WIP


Boss Lady Gayla is participating in a quilt block exchange with a group of ladies in our area.

She's putting together her top, and it's going to make a stunning quilt.

Gayla' quilt


Tali  Gayla  Lucile  Glyndan

Binding off~

Part of the fun we find in crafting is taking a look at what others are doing.

You might have several projects going on right now, or you might be like Tali and in supervisory mode. What are you doing? Do you have a project you’re really enjoying? Drop by the store and show us. We’d love to see it!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Think Spring!

In our part of the world, you never quite know what the weather is going to do.

We can have all four seasons in the same week!

That being said, we’re seeing signs of spring around here (Boss Lady Gayla has crocuses in her yard and Tali loves them!) and so we're thinking of spring projects.

Gayla crocus


It’s going to be a little while yet before it’s hot outside, so a shawl comes in handy.

If you use lighter colors to knit the Nightshift shawl by Andrea Mowry, like Sparkle Girl Debbie did, you'll have the perfect spring accessory.

Debbie Nightshift


The Wispy Shawl by Joji Locatelli is another shawl that works nicely in warmer temps.

Wispy Shawl sample kit 11Nuble Morning Dew  Berroco Ivory


For sock knitters wanting to use something besides a wool blend, Gedifra Lana Mia Cotone Effetto is a good option because it's 90% cotton.

Lana Mia Cotone Effetto shop sample socks

Lana Mia  Cotone Effetto group


How about a cute project bag to get you ready for spring?

For some of us, a day without knitting really is like a day without sunshine!

Project bag day without knitting


As it gets warmer outside, you might want to have a project going that doesn’t involve yarn.

The Happy Place kit by Jessica Long includes everything you need to do this flowery embroidery (with a charming cat!).

Jessica Long Happy Place


We’ve got all kinds of wool applique patterns that give off spring vibes.

Wool applique spring


Need a gift for a special little one?

This time of year, you can’t do better than a sweet lamb or fluffy duck.

CB lamb

CB Duck Bumbeeno 2


Warmer weather turns our thoughts to ball games and travel.

A new tote always comes in handy!

Chinoiserie tote bag Moda green

Gypsea Tote

Binding off~

It’s encouraging for the days to be getting warmer and longer, but winter coming to an end doesn’t mean an end to crafting. We may change what we’re doing, but we are firm believers in year-round crafting. Need a new project? Stop by on one of these bright, sunshiny days. We look forward to seeing you!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Rock A Bye Baby, In the Yarn Shop

Whether it’s for one of your own, to be given as a gift, or as a charity donation, projects for little ones are fast and fun!


A beautiful blanket is always a good place to start.

There are several patterns for smaller sized blankets that we especially like here at TWN.

The Easy Baby Car-Seat Blanket by Autumn Burns knits up perfectly when you use Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky yarn.

Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky Easy Car Seat Blanket with yarn


Casapinka’s Glamping Blanket pattern comes in four sizes.

The cat size makes a version Linus would love.

Beverly's Glamping Berroco Vintage Chunky and Wonderland March Hare1


If you’ve ever knit a dishcloth, you know it’s an easy project.

Use a larger needle, cast on more stitches, and you can use an easy dishcloth pattern to knit a blanket like this one using Juniper Moon Cumulus Degrade yarn.

Juniper Moon Cumulus Degrade baby blanket


Larger blankets are very nice, too!

Crocheters will appreciate the colorful yarns and textures in these two blankets.

We used West Yorkshire Spinner’s Bo Peep for the Baby Ripple Blanket designed by Jess Compman.

Bo Peep Warm Baby Ripple blanket by Jess Compman


The Sweet Blossom Blanket by Sue Rawlinson always gets lots of “ooohs” and “aaahs.” 

Ours was crocheted with Sirdar Snuggly yarn.

Blanket Sweet Blossom


Is there anything cuter than a little baby sweater?

One of our favorite designers here is OGE Knitwear Designs.

This Balina Top Down Cardi was knit with Sirdar Snuggly.

Beverly Balina Top Down Cardi and basic baby hat


Another favorite designer (we have so many!) is Frogginette.

This sweet Entrechat was made with Berroco Vintage Baby yarn.

Berroco Vintage Baby Entrechat 2


The Baby Squared Up Jacket is a cute creation by urth yarns.

Ours was crocheted using uneek fingering.

Uneek fingering 3025 Baby Squared Up Jacket


We could just go on and on–

How about using Berroco Vintage Baby to knit the Geese Baby Cardi by AnaSwet?

Berroco Vintage Baby The Geese size 3


Or the Princess Charlotte Baby Jacket by Florence Merlin using Berroco Vintage Sock?

Berroco Vintage Sock  Baby Short Rows Baby Jacket Florence Merlin


Take a look at the Baby Tea Leaves by Melissa LaBarre.

This one was knit with Nako Calico.

Nako Calico Baby Tea Leaves


Binding off~

All gifts are appreciated, as they should be, but a handmade gift sometimes carries a little bit of something special. The time (and love) that go into choosing a pattern, picking out just-right yarn, and creating the item adds an extra touch. Ready to start something new? Stop by TWN and we’ll be glad to help you find what you need for your next project.   

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

What did you do last week?

As with a lot of the US, we’ve had some interesting weather recently.

Icy roads and single digit temps kept many folks at home, so we asked our customer/friends, “What did you do last week?”

Jan temps


Linda spent time reading and working on her beautiful Ashby shawl. 

Linda Ashby shawl WIP


Reading and knitting just seem to go together, because Lucile also spent some of her cozy time reading and knitting the sweet Easy Baby Car-Seat blanket.

Lucile Easy Baby Car-Seat WIP


Jacq baked bread (yum!) and starting her stunning Shiftigan (which will be steeked!).

Jacq Shiftigan EIP


Talk about busy! Mary Beth finished a darling baby blanket and cast on her Oregon Coast Shawl.

Mary Beth Oregon Coast shawl WIP


Kathy had lots going on at her house, too. She spent the week quilting and knitting a lovely poncho.

Kathy poncho WIP


Bookish Beverly got a hat made using the Hurricane Hat pattern, and she began another one. Of course, while she was knitting there was always an audio book playing in the background.

Beverly Hurricane Hat


This gorgeous quilt block was where Sparkle Girl Debbie spent some of her time along with more sewing and reading a book or two.

Debbie quilt block WIP


Boss Lady Gayla put together blocks from last year’s birthday block project and created a magnificent quilt. (The blocks belong to Bookish Beverly and chances were very slim she would ever try putting them together. Now she has an awesome quilt!)

Gayla Beverly's quilt


Poor Tali! Boss Lady Gayla takes great care of Tali and wanted to make sure she didn’t get cold, so she had Tali wear her sweater. Tali spent part of the week pouting, because she did not want to wear it. (We know— you’d think being the official shop dog would mean she’d enjoy wearing knits, but not so much.)

Tali sad sweater 2


Binding off~

Bad weather can be inconvenient and dangerous, but it can also make us slow down and enjoy the moment. It’s a blessing to be gifted with time to spend on our hobbies. Whether you spent last week reading, knitting, baking, or doing another fun activity, we hope you were safe and warm, and that you enjoyed your week.

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Yarn Makes Me Hungry!

Hi! I’m Florrie, and I’m the official mascot of The Wooden Needle.

(You may have noticed a certain Lakeland Terrier around here that thinks she’s the mascot. We’ll just let her dream.)

Florrie and Tali


I’ve realized that being the official mascot of TWN may have one drawback.

Yarn makes me hungry!

Let me explain—

Florrie swing


We open at 10:00 am, but I like to have an early walk-through each morning before anyone arrives just to make sure everything is in order.

This is when my problem begins!

Florrie walk-through


As I walk around, I see yarn with colorway names like oats, marmalade, and toast. 

Once I see a wool applique pattern titled “Tea for Two” and a yarn colorway called honey, how can I not think of breakfast?

Florrie breakfast


Before you know it, the middle of the day has arrived.

It’s more difficult for me to do my security check at that time, but I can usually pull it off when Boss Lady Gayla is busy with customers.

That’s when my problem occurs again!

Florrie buttons


Being a sheep, it’s no surprise that I enjoy salads for lunch, but I’m especially fond of salads with fruit.

Did you know we have button sets titled Leafy Greens and Big Apple?

Add yarn colorways with names like watermelon, cranberry, and almond, and my little tummy begins to rumble.

Florrie lunch


I'm a firm believer in having a yummy snack in the middle of the afternoon.

My problem is that the milk chocolate, butterscotch, candy canes, and chocolate hearts I see are either wool, buttons, yarn, or oven mitts.

Florrie snack


The ladies here at TWN enjoy getting soup from Traveler’s Lantern or the Pit Stop, our two locally-owned restaurants. 

(Don't tell! I’ve not yet figured out how to get to either place, even though I’m contemplating hiding in someone’s pocket.)

Florrie pocket 1


I watch them enjoying their soup, while I’m thinking of the gourmet potage I could create for supper by combining spicy ramen, corn, pea green, mushroom, tomato, and jalapeno.

Florrie supper


Just before bed, it’s nice to have a little sip of something, isn't it?

I mentioned tea earlier, which is my favorite, but we also have a lovely coffee.

(I don’t think Boss Lady Gayla would be happy with me imbibing in the burgundy or bordeaux red. Maybe she won’t notice if I pull off just enough to knit myself a sweater!)

Florrie drink


Binding off~

That Florrie! She’s always into something, isn’t she? We do wonder sometimes if she wanders through the store when we’re not looking. If she does, she must move quickly, because we never can seem to catch her. When you stop by, check to see if Florrie’s in her spot. If not, let us know. She may have found a pocket where she could hitch a ride to lunch!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN