We Celebrated!

September 16th was our 7th anniversary at TWN, and we had a party! 

In our world, a party includes sales, yarn walks, and lots of yarny fun with our wonderful customer/friends.


The folks at Knitting Fever kindly supplied us with great giveaways. 

We invited those visiting with us to sign up, and four people won bags of beautiful yarn.

Giveaway bags



We were happy to see many familiar faces as well as some new ones, too.

It’s such a treat for us to hear the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” coming from all over the store.

Anniversary 7 customer 4

Anniversary 7 customer 6

Anniversary 7 customer 8

Anniversary 7 customer 9



As usual, Boss Lady Gayla was busy answering questions and taking care of our customer/friends.

Anniversary 7 Gayla checkout 1

Anniversary 7 Gayla fabric

Anniversary 7 Gayla talking quilt 1

Anniversary 7 Gayla checkout 2



What’s better than a cake walk? 

A yarn walk!

There were lots of laughs during our yarn walks and happy winners, too.

Anniversary 7 yarn walk 1

Anniversary 7 yarn walk 3

Anniversary 7 yarn walk 6

Anniversary 7 yarn walk 5

Anniversary 7 yarn walk 4



There’s so much to see at TWN, but it’s also important to have a squish or two.

Squishing yarn is so satisfying!

Anniversary 7 customer 1

Anniversary 7 customer 3

Anniversary 7 customer 2

Anniversary 7 customer 5



The TWN living room is a comfy place to craft and visit with friends.

Anniversary 7 living room 1

Anniversary 7 living room 2



Anniversary 7 Gayla and Angela
Binding off~

Seven years— that’s an accomplishment! The store has transformed and grown during that time, but one thing has remained the same. We’re here because of our customer/friends. You are a blessing, and we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for all the support you’ve shown us over the past seven years. Whether it’s in the store or online, we look forward to seeing and hearing from you in the days to come.

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

The way we were… and seven years later

If you remember the movie starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford, you’ll recall it had a bittersweet ending. TWN had a very interesting beginning, and we think our story has been anything but bittersweet!


TWN sign night

 Seven years ago, Boss Lady Gayla had a dream. She loved all kinds of crafting, but she was particularly drawn to quilting and knitting. In fact, she had a long-arm quilting machine at home. That was good, but didn’t quite fulfill the dream.



TWN old window

Then things began to happen! A beautiful old building went up for sale in Trenton, Kentucky. It was definitely old--- almost 100 years, and it had lived it’s previous lives as a farm implement store and a grocery.



TWN old inside1

Now it was time for a transformation! Gayla and a few others began to remake the beautiful old building into a lovely new craft shop.



TWN old truck2

Of course, there were stumbling blocks along the way. (No pun intended.) As usual, a renovation takes longer than expected. If a truck accidentally takes out part of your back wall, that can throw a wrench in things, too!



TWN old inside2

TWN old Gayla

Things did slowly begin to come together. The space began to transform into an area which could hold yummy yarn, beautiful gifts, and two long-arm quilting machines.



Finished 3

And now, here we are, seven years later.

We’ve added new signs.



Tali baby yarn

We got our official shop dog, Tali.



TWN Aug 2023 front

TWN Aug 2023 cubbies

TWN Aug 2023 living room

The inside of the store has evolved and changed, and we continue to be blessed.



TWN Aug 2023 faith sign
Binding off~

Boss Lady Gayla was gifted a sign that’s hung in TWN since the beginning. The sign reads “Faith in God includes faith in His timing.” There were times the project seemed too big, and times when it didn’t seem like the building would ever be ready. (Did we mention the truck?) And then there was covid. (That was fun.) Now we’ve been here seven years, and the sweet story continues.

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

It's hot!

When the sidewalks are melting and the roof is dripping off the house, it's easy to believe it's 122 degrees outside.

The temperature doesn’t seem very far from that in our part of the world right now, but it’s actually 122 days until Christmas.

Quilt and Sew Christmas gnomes


So, let’s talk Christmas, because it’s never too early to start getting ready, especially if you plan to make some of your gifts.

While you’re frying your breakfast on the driveway, we have some ideas for you.

Christmas oven mitt set 2



These embroidery kits provide everything you need, which makes them a great place to start.

Jessica Long Fennec Fox

Jessica Long Llama Mamas


All kidding aside, projects such as these beautiful wool applique patterns need to be started early so you’ll have them completed by December. 

Christmas wool applique 1

Wool applique Foggy Christmas Eve emblishments


Small accessories are good hot weather projects and make great gifts.

Hats can be made for guys and girls of any age.

-Tiilda Hat by Inese Sang

Tiilda Hat Inese Sang Emma's Yarn

-Flux hat by urth yarns

Flux hat Sirdar Jewelspun 1


Fingerless mitts come in handy when trying to use your phone.

Use Opal sock yarn to knit a basic mitts pattern and you’ll see that beautiful pattern appear on hands rather than feet.

Beverly's Opal fingerless mitts

Beverly's sock yarn fingerless mitts


Don’t wait until December 24th to purchase gifts!

Get started now with attractive items like tote bags, and you’ll have plenty of time to get them personalized.

Canvas totes navy

Tote tartan monogram


At TWN, we think book pillows always make great gifts— for kids and adults!

Cow books are udderly amazing book pillow 1

Reading before I sleep sheep polka dots

Happiness is a cup of tea pink


Florrie mug  latte

Binding off~

If the horrible heat and all this Christmas talk is getting to you, maybe it’s time for a break. Grab your Florrie mug, take it to Traveler’s Lantern, and buy yourself a nice, cold drink. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. There’s plenty of time, right? After all, we’ve got 122 days until Christmas. (Of course, tomorrow will be 121, but who’s counting?) 

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Tali Recommends!

It’s me… Tali! 

I’m a Lakeland Terrier and the official mascot of TWN.

(Even though there’s a little sheep hanging around that seems to think she’s the mascot. Eye roll inserted here.)

Since I am the official mascot, I thought it only right that I give you some of my expert recommendations.

Come on in!

Tali front door


When some folks think of TWN, they think of yarn, but we carry so much more.

Of course, we carry needles, hooks, and notions, but did you know we carry backpacks? 

Tali notions backpacks

Backpack lunch box Dream


We also carry tote bags and project bags in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tali tote bags

Island Bliss tote

Meadow sheep project bag lantern moon 2


If you’re looking for things sweet and cuddly (like me!), you’ll like our cubbies and book pillows. 

They make great gifts!

Tali book pillows cubbies

Cubbie pig and Charlotte's Web book pillow


A common sight at TWN are the big purple bags.

They contain our customers’ pieced tops that Boss Lady Gayla turns into lovely quilts.

Tali purple bag

Gayla quilt machine Aug 2023


As I mentioned earlier, most people think of yarn and crafting when they think of us.

We always have a great time at TWN, but it’s especially fun when the living room is full of friendly, crafty folks.

Tali brown chair

Workshop Wednesday 1 March 2023


Everyone that works here enjoys talking about the beautiful yarn we carry.

As for myself, I must say I do enjoy showing off some of our newest colorways.

Tali painted sky

Madelinetosh collection 3


How about some bonny baby yarn?

It comes in handy when someone wants to make a cute baby gift.

Tali baby yarn

Berroco Vintage Baby Entrechat 2


If you enjoy knitting socks, TWN is the place to be!

Our wide selection of sock yarn provides lots of choices.

Tali sock yarn

Sock Fence


Of course, if you enjoy knitting socks, you might also enjoy doing the toes, heels, and cuffs in a contrasting color.

That’s when mini skeins come in handy.

Tali smalls minis

Beverly's WYS Mallard and Sw GA


Did you know we have shawl and cowl kits?

Most of them are out of my reach, but I can guarantee you they are all beautiful.

Tali kits

Free your fade 1


After a busy day of crafting, it’s important to get outside and smell the roses.

(Or, in my case, the Naked Ladies!)

Tali smelling flowers


Crafting is important, but so is rest.

Be sure to get plenty, and chances are good you’ll spend less time frogging and more time crafting!

Tali bed

Binding off~

Tali truly is the mascot and little princess of TWN. She is so well-behaved, many folks are surprised when they realize a dog is in the store as they notice her sitting quietly (and regally!) on her bed. 

Stop by for a visit!  All of us, including Tali, will be happy to see you.

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

A Pretty Perfect Project!

It’s me… Florrie! 

Today I’ve got another of my friends joining me.

Finn is a dapper dresser, and he’s sporting his new cowl for us.

Florrie and Finn 1


Cowls are great accessories for a variety of reasons.

They’re quick knits.

They’re usually small, which makes them good warm weather projects.

Many cowl patterns are beginner friendly and work well as the catalyst for learning new skills (like the Lille Loop by Frauke Neubauer).

Maybe best of all, cowls are super easy to wear.

Florrie Finn Lille Loop cowl


For someone wanting to take the next step after basic knitting, the Askance cowl by Shelby Dyas is a great place to start. Using a variegated yarn like Synchrony gives the beauty of color changes without the step of changing yarns.

Synchrony & Askance cowl


Using two or more colorways in a cowl adds interest and another element of learning.

Brioche seems magical since each side of the fabric looks different. The Training Wheels Basic Brioche cowl by Lynn Garrett and Lizzie Goeddel works well for a beginning briocher.

Training Wheels Basic Brioche Cowl 1

Training Wheels Basic Brioche Cowl 2


For someone looking to try fair isle knitting, the Simple Fair Isle Learning cowl by Anita Brecosky is a good choice. The Diamond Gardens Cowl by Whitney Terrell is a nice project for learning stranded knitting.

Simple Fair Isle Learning and Diamond Gardens cowls


Lacey and textured patterns are always exciting! A benefit of these patterns is you can find them from simple to complex and everything in between.

The Sonatine cowl by Dee O’Keefe is a lot of garter with a single panel of lace, which makes it a good beginner challenge.

Wonderland Silk Twist Sonatine cowl


A next-step pattern could be the One Two Three Cowl by Gretchen Tracy.

Davila 3 2 1 cowl


Fans of Casapinka know she is all about texture! Her No Harm No Cowl flies off the needles as you go from pattern to pattern.

No Harm No Cowl Nua Sport


If you’ve got some knitting experience under your belt, it may be time to venture out into the unknown. You might want to purchase a kit and then choose the pattern which you think best suits it.

For Stitch Together’s Magically Motivating Kit, we chose the Criterion Cowl by Casapinka. 

Magically Motivating kit Criterion Cowl


We used a Katia Ombre Kit for the Heart Warmer Cowl by Justyna Lorkowska.

Katia ombre Heart Warmer Justyna Lorkowska


Holding two yarns together can be an adventure— especially when one is bulky and the other lace weight.

That’s the combination we used to knit the Gathering Infinity Cowl by Karen Clements.

Gathering Infinity shop sample Andeamo Cumulus 2


Another exciting adventure is using the same pattern but knitting it with a variety of yarns to get a variety of looks. We’ve done just that with the Accent on the Upbeat cowl by Stephanie Shiman.

Accent on the Upbeat cowl 1

Wonderland Tweed Accent on the Upbeat 3

Beverly Accent on the Upbeat Knitted Wit and Aerial
Beverly Accent on the Upbeat Knitted Wit and Aerial

Beverly Blossom Accent on the Upbeat


Binding off~

We’re not sure everyone can look as dapper as Finn in his cowl, but we’re confident it’s a great look for anyone. Cowls are pretty perfect projects!  Knit a cowl for yourself. Knit several for those on your Christmas list. Knit some to donate to homeless shelters. Need some help getting started? Stop by or give us a call; we’ll be glad to help. Don’t forget to say hello to Finn and Florrie when you’re here.

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Hats Off to Hats!

It’s me… Florrie! 

I’ve brought along some friends with me.

Many of you will already know Fiona. (Remember her? She’s the smarty pants wanting all the attention.)

Finola has joined us today. She’s the fashion plate among my friends.

Take a look at that hat!

Florrie  Fiona  Finola 1


The Flux hat by urth yarns is a fun, slouchy style. We knit ours out of Sirdar Jewelspun.

Flux hat florrie and friends


The Simple Seed Stitch Beanie by Kirsten Holloway is a crocheted cutie. A quick, easy pattern that’s great for a beginner is the Barley hat by Tin Can Knits.

Barley Hat Simple Stitch Beanie


Of course, we know sheep are everyone’s favorite, but we do concede that a few people have a tolerance for cats.  

The Temple Cats hat by Suzanne Frary might be an option for those folks.

Ella Rae Cozy FF Temple cat


The Banyan Tree hat by Jillian Robbins looks wonderful knit in Wonderland March Hare.

March Hare Banyan Tree shop sample


What could be more exciting than a Stephen West pattern?

A Stephen West pattern, like the Dustland hat, with a pom pom!

Dustland Hat Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light


We’d never want to leave out the petite peeps, so use Sirdar Supersoft Aran Rainbow Drops to knit the Beloved bonnet by Tin Can Knits. 

An added bonus— this great pattern is sized from babies to adults!

Beloved Bonnet Sirdar Supersoft


If you’re a fan of Emma’s Yarn in bodacious bulky, then we think you’ll really like it for the Tiilda hat by Inese Sang.

Tiilda Hat Inese Sang Emma's Yarn


Finola says a well-dressed sheep should never go out without a hat.

(To be honest, I think it was Coco Chanel that said something along those lines, but we won’t tell Finola.)

Could you be better dressed than when wearing the Sheep Heid by Kate Davies?

Sheep Heid hat Kate Davies


Binding off~

At TWN, we agree with Coco and Finola. You should never go out without a hat, or at the very least, a hat project. It’s never too early to begin working on Christmas presents, and hats make great gifts for everyone. Need some ideas? Stop by and take a look at our store samples. We’re always happy to see you!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Jaws and Quilting?


It’s me. . . Florrie!

Did you know there’s a connection between the movie Jaws and quilting?

(Well, that might be a bit of a stretch, but stay with me here.)


I recently spent a couple of days taking a class at Accomplish Quilting in Goodlettsville.

The nice folks there invited me to come, but I let Boss Lady Gayla go along with me.

Florrie Accomplish quilting book


There are SO many computerized quilt designs.

I enjoyed choosing the ones I wanted to do.

Florrie computer screen


I think I did really well if I do say so myself.

Florrie quilt machine


One advantage to being my size is that it’s very easy to check my tension.

Florrie needle


The best thing about going new places is making new friends.

Moose is from beautiful East Tennessee.

Florrie and moose


My new shark friends are the mascots of Accomplish Quilting.

(See— I told you I could make a connection between Jaws and quilting.)

Florrie shark 2


I don’t want to say I was the star of the class, but I did win an award.

You might not be impressed, but in my world, inching forward is a big deal!

Florrie inching forward award


Binding off~

It’s so much fun to spend time with folks who enjoy doing the same kinds of things you like to do. Whether it’s knitting, crocheting, wool applique, quilting, or another craft, the joy multiples when you’re doing it with friends. Looking for some kindred spirits to craft along with you? Stop by TWN. We’d love to have you join us!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Fun Times at Trenton’s Main Street Festival!

Hi, friends! It’s Florrie!

For those of you that might not know me, I’m the official mascot of The Wooden Needle.

(Yes... I do realize Tali, Boss Lady Gayla’s Lakeland Terrier, thinks she is the mascot.

Just don't pay any attention to her.)

Florrie mug  latte  pin 2


Trenton's Main Street Festival was held this past Friday and Saturday.

It was exciting to watch the tents being set up in the quiet of the morning.

MS 23 Tent Tali 2

MS 23 Setting up


There are always so many things to see and do at Main Street.

This year, I thought I’d make the most of the opportunity and do myself a little makeover. 

(I realize I am much cuter than a certain dog, which won’t be named, but a sheep with my responsibilities needs to keep up her appearance.)

MS 23 make up


I found some attractive skirts, but when I spoke to the nice lady that made them, she informed me they were hair scrunchies.

Oh well. . . 

MS 23 clothes Scrunchie


That made me think about getting a little something for my hair. 

(I am rather proud of my curly locks!)

I discovered attractive hair bows and a happy hat— sadly, they were too big.

MS 23 clothes hair bows

MS 23 clothes smile hat


The live music at Main Street always puts me in the mood to dance, so I decided a new pair of shoes would do the trick.

Obviously, that didn’t work out either.

MS 23 clothes shoe


Jewelry makes a girl feel glamorous, so next I traveled to tents featuring lovely bracelets, rings, and earrings.

All too big.

Alas, my makeover was a bust— but Main Street was not!

MS 23 jewelry bracelets

MS 23 jewelry rings

MS 23 jewelry earrings


I decided to cheer myself up at the bouncy house.

MS 23 bouncy house


Across from the bouncy house, I saw something that caught my eye.

Maybe what I needed was a new car!

MS 23 car


All that walking around had made me hungry, and no one needs to be hungry at Main Street Festival.

There were so many yummy treats to choose from!

MS 23 food Schlabach's

MS 23 food lemonade

MS 23 food bundt

MS 23 food nuts

An ice cream parlor/bake shop was the perfect place to cool off.

These friends put in a lot of hard work to raise money for Trenton’s community center.

MS 23 food ice cream parlor


It’s always fun to visit with my friend, Mr. Ronnie, at his produce stand.

You don’t have to wait for Main Street to get your fresh fruits and vegetables.

On most week days, you can find Mr. Ronnie at his stand in Trenton.

MS 23 food mr. ronnie


It just wouldn’t be Main Street Festival without a strawberry waffle from my favorite food truck— Chef Jamie’s!

Chef Jamie and Boss Lesa are some of my favorite folks (and they know how to take care of a hungry little sheep!).

MS 23 food Chef Jamie and Lesa


Thinking of them made me realize that out of all the fun things to do at Main Street Festival, the best thing about being there is making friends.

Whether old or new, friends are the very best part!

MS 23 friends bears

MS 23 friends birds owl

MS 23 friends gnomes

MS 23 friends kids


At The Wooden Needle, we saw old friends and made new ones.

The dates for Main Street just happened to coincide with Worldwide Knit in Public Day.

How perfect was that?

Boss Lady Gayla and Angela shared their spinning and knitting skills.

Sam and Jennifer visited as Jennifer spun on her wheel.

MS 23 tent gayla angela people

MS 23 Tent sam and jennifer

MS 23 tent Jennifer and people


All too soon, it was time to take down the tent and call an end to another great Main Street Festival.

(Hmmm. . . how is it Tali got her photo in the purple tent and I didn’t?)

MS 23 Tent Tali 1

Binding off~

If you’ve never been to Trenton, think Mayberry. No big box stores. No malls. No traffic congestion. To some, it may sound boring and uneventful— a place where nothing ever happens. There are a lot of things you won’t find in Trenton, but if you’re looking for a small town full of friendly folks, this is the place! Every day is a great day to be in Trenton, so stop by to see us. Main Street Festival is a wonderful time to come, but you don’t have to wait until next year to come for a visit. We’ll be happy to welcome you any time.

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Sock Fun in the Summertime!

Who in their right mind would knit socks when you can buy a half dozen at a time?

We would!

Once you wear a pair of handcrafted socks, you might realize how difficult it will be to go back to wearing store-bought socks. . . and they’re fun to knit!

Sock Fence


At TWN, we enjoy making socks throughout the year, but they really do make the perfect warm weather project.

Gayla Van Dyke socks

Beverly Opal Van Gogh 5430 socks

Gayla socks Nov 21


Toe up or cuff down?

Circular needles or DPNs?

That’s the great thing about crafting— you can choose to knit the way it works for you.

Gayla's two at a time socks Aug21

Beverly socks Aug 21

Debbie guy sock


Long socks or short?

Baby or child or adult?

You’re making them, so you can pick.

Laines du Nord Watercolor socks shop sample

Uneek shop sample 64


Let’s get a little creative!

Add another colorway for your cuffs, heels, and toes or do some fancy striping.

WYS Robin socks with KFI Tweenie Weenies

Debbies mismatch socks

Beverly's WYS Mallard and Sw GA


Want the yarn to do all the work?

Choose a yarn that creates a pattern.

WYS Signature 4ply Mallard sock

Debbie men's socks


Never knit a pair of socks?

We can teach you!

All you need to know are the very basics of knitting, and we’ll take it from there.

Stop by or give us a call for more details.

Learn to knit socks 2


Oh. . . did we forget to mention what a great idea it is to use sock yarn when knitting fingerless mitts?

That’s a story for another day!

Beverly's Opal fingerless mitts

TWN sock stitcker and enamel pin
Binding off~

Small, portable, fun to knit, comfy to wear— sock projects check all the boxes! We can help you learn (or relearn if it’s been a while). Looking for sock yarn? We’ve got to admit that we’re a tiny bit proud of our selection. If you don’t think sock knitting is for you, stop by to see us. We just might change your mind!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN

Too Hot to Craft?

The temperature is rising every day, so that means it’s time to stop crafting until cooler weather, right?


At TWN, we think it’s always a good time to craft!


A great place to start in warm weather crafting is with cotton yarn.

The Sea Glass shawl by Louise Bollanos is a beautiful accessory knit in Phoenix DK.

Phoenix DK Sea Glass shawl Louise Bollanos


Cute summer tops are always a treat!

Use Berroco Summer Sesame to knit the Etta top by Alison Green.

The Perrin top by Amy Christoffers looks lovely in Berroco Zinnia.

Berroco Summer Sesame Etta top

Berroco Zinnia Perrin top by Amy Christoffers


Since baby items are small, they work well when the temps are on the rise. 

A Baby Square Up Jacket crocheted in uneek fingering is a sweet project for any kind of weather.

Uneek fingering 3025 Baby Squared Up Jacket


Even in warm weather, it’s nice to have a little something to put around your shoulders on a cool evening or inside a chilly room.

The Aven Caplet by Knitting Fever, knit with Araucania Nuble, is an airy and elegant accessory.

Araucania Nuble Aven Caplet


Another idea using Araucania Nuble and Berroco Aerial is the Wispy Shawl by Joji Locatelli.

Wispy Shawl sample kit 11Nuble Morning Dew  Berroco Ivory


Crocheters might like the Keora Shawl by Tian Connaughton in Plymouth Moon Shadow.

Ply Moon Shadow Keora


Of course, spring and summer are great seasons to begin getting ready for Christmas.

The Tillde Hat by Inese Sang is a small project, so it’s perfect warm weather knitting and would be a beautiful Christmas gift for someone.

Knit it in Emma’s Yarn, add a fun pom, and all you’ll need to do is wrap it.

Tiilde Hat Inese Sang Emma's Yarn


Besides knitting and crocheting, we think wool applique and embroidery make great warm weather crafting.

Jessica Long kits come with everything you need to complete the project.

Jessica Long Giraffe

Jessica Long Floral Harvest


We carry a wide variety of patterns, wool, and thread for wool applique. 

Some of the wool applique patterns come with the cutest embellishments!

Wool applique summer theme

Wool applique Foggy Christmas Eve emblishments


Binding off~

Oh my gracious— we didn’t even talk about sock knitting! As you can tell, we have no trouble justifying crafting in warm weather. Our biggest problem is deciding which project (or projects!) we’d like to do. Stop by and tell us what you’re working on right now. Looking for a new project? We can help! 

Enjoy these warmer days and happy crafting!

Take care---

~the crew @ TWN